The Circle Skirt Fashion – A 1950s Fashion Staple

The Circle Skirt fashion became popular in the 1950s, when the restrictions from World War II were finally lift and the seam fell off. And the skirts fashion became thicker and saw a change from the shape of the pencil skirt fashion from the 40s.

Different variations of the circular skirt fashion

Although there were different variations of the circular skirt fashion.Such as conversation skirt and poodle skirt. Especially the Mexican circular skirt fashion became popular due to the large number of Californians. Especially Hollywood actors like Marilyn Monroe, Jayne Mansfield and Katherine Hepburn … who traveled to Mexico in search of a “quickie” divorce and returned with some skirts fashion of a Mexican “tourist” in tow.

The circular skirts fashion were cut in a full circle from a large piece of material to give a more dramatic and feminine shape. The Mexicans were hand-paint, embellish with sequins or make with lighter, more eye-catching fabrics.

It was during this time that an opera singer name Julie Lynne Charlot struggle to raise the money to buy a new Christmas dress. Julie’s mother owned a factory that used felt, so with a large piece of felt. She decided to make a skirt fashion and put some Christmas themed appliqués on it.

Poodle skirt fashion was invent

It was such a success that he started designing the. For his friends and then selling them in a Beverly Hills store. They were so popular that the boutique sold Christmas themes and request new versions, suggesting dog themes. Which is how the poodle skirt fashion was invent. Petticoats were add underneath to get the full effect. And to make a greater distinction between narrow waists and wider skirts fashion.

Designers quickly caught the trend when they designed dresses with a full circle skirt  fashion.(See Marilyn Monroe halter dresses) and rock and roll-loving teenagers soon claimed the poodle skirt version as their own. However, the popularity of circular skirts fashion began to decline in the late 1950s. And by the mid-1960s, they had almost disappeared due to the growing popularity of the new skirt fashion trend … mini.

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